Pop of Color

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

One of the favorite phrases you hear from fashionista’s everywhere is “pop of color”. Adding an unexpected “pop” to an outfit can change the entire look from mundane to spectacular.


This is NOT boring! This is a really cute, very hot pink, fringe cardigan. It is made by Chelsea & Theodore, here is is in gray or black. The pants are DKNYC, I picked these up at TJMAX, along with the plaid shirt. The plaid button up is so soft and feels wonderful on. It is by Dalia and I love the pink stripe that runs through it.


My purse is a Miche. If you have never heard of these, you need to check them out. The coolest thing EVER! No, really.


Besides being really cute, it is interchangeable. The outer shell is magnetic and attaches to the purse. You buy a purse, then buy different shells to change the look of the purse. The real beauty of this is, you never have to unload your purse from one to another. I told you it was cool.


My shoes are ridiculously worn out. They are by Kathy Van Zeeland and can be purchased on QVC. Well, maybe not my pair, they are probably three years old. I can wear them all summer and well into the fall. Just cute little flats!


I take my photographs normally in the morning right before I head out the door to work. However, I was running late yesterday, so I took the photos when I got home. Hence, the wrinkles (on the clothes). Haha! Anyway, I decided to multi-task and also take my yorkie, Beckley, out to do his business. He did his thing and then decided to join my in my shoot. Who can say no to this face?




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