Holidays in the Hills

DSC_0368I’m not going to lie, I am really, really busy right now. I have been setting up for a craft fair today, and I am dragging my tail. Holidays in the Hills, a fund raiser for my Woman’s Club, is celebrating its 10th year. I will be problem solving, table moving, money collecting, and Christmas present buying all day long. So, please look over my less than stellar post today.DSC_0372I bought this duster at Cato Fashions. I really like the details in the crochet. This one is similar, but I don’t think it is the same one. I really can’t see the details enough on my laptop to know for sure. I only have on a tank top under the duster, but I will wear it again this winter with a long sleeve shirt. The necklace is a real compliment getter. I have worn this several times, since I bought it a month or so ago, and I always have someone ask where it came from. (similar) DSC_0376I’m carrying my go-to purse from Stella & Dot. I love that the name of this purse is “Hello Gorgeous”. I have carried it before and you can read about that here.  It is no longer offered by Stella & Dot, but you can usually find it on Ebay.DSC_0368I apologize for the shorter post. I hope to have recovered by the time Monday rolls around. I can tell that I will have lots more jewelry. I have already been taking advantage of helping the vendors set up.

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  1. would never have put those colors together….shows what I know…really beautiful color on you and slimming!

  2. Oops, *Thanks
    Well that’s embarrassing…
    Couldn’t let that go it’s the teacher in me, lol

    1. That made me laugh???? I bet you could correct my blog all day long.

  3. You look fab!!! That’s for the inspiration 🙂

  4. I love the color combination of rust with burgundy. The necklace is such a statement piece! So I finally made it to Cato’s and I can’t say I found anything worth my time. The quality was very poor as well. You must have a bigger Cato’s near you. I can’t complain because I have great stores a mile away and I love to shop the Loft, Limited and Talbot’s. Dress Barn is close by as well and I have good luck there depending on what I’m looking for. Two malls within a few miles are a lot of temptation! Can’t wait to see what you scored at your Women’s Club event.

    1. Our Cato’s is pretty large, but when your the only game in town, you need to be big. Their quality is not on the same basis as the Loft, Limited, or Talbots, but neither is the price. I do a lot of picking and choosing, and weighing the trendy (I don’t need to last forever) versus piece I know I will wear for a long time. Today, I scored big time!!! Just wait till you see all the jewelry pieces:)

  5. Love the crocheted duster! And the color combo…

  6. Those colors look great on you!