50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEI don’t know about you but I know that after Christmas I am financially strapped. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to still make purchases. The solution is to take advantage of the clearance racks. 50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEChadwick’s of Boston already has a great price point for their clothing. That is a good thing, but when you take into consideration the quality of their garments, it becomes a GREAT thing. This is the third time I have worked with Chadwick’s of Boston and that would not have happened if I didn’t like the brand.50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEYou might remember in the last post I did with Chadwick’s of Boston I talked about what I would purchase if I won a gift certificate to their store. I linked to the Best-Ever Cable Knit Cardigan because I love a cable knit sweater and I loved the dark teal color. When Chadwick’s of Boston contacted me about a possible blog post, I immediately said yes and headed to look for the cardigan. I was thrilled to find the cardigan on the sale in the clearance racks.50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEBe prepared to spend awhile looking through the clearance racks of Chadwick’s of Boston. I was amazed at how many items that had already been put on sale. This beautiful cardigan is perfect for the weather now. I wish you could feel the cardigan. It is an extremely heavy knit sweater. 50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEI like the length of the cardigan. I want a cardigan to be long enough to cover any areas that I prefer others to not look at. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEAs you can see from this picture that area is well covered. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEThis cardigan is also perfect for the upcoming spring. I love when you can wear a garment for multiple seasons. The color is a jewel tone which is a fall and winter color, but as you can see, it looks great with yellows.
50 IS NOT OLD | BEST DEALS ARE ON CLEARANCEI want everyone to let me know what your favorite item is on the clearance rack. You will probably have more than one favorite, you probably will have more than two favorites, you probably will have a whole cart full of favorites. Hahaha!


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  1. I always feel restricted in a coat or jacket but I do love me a good cardigan! This is spot on and a lovely colour.

    • I’m with you, Caroline. I will choose a cardigan over a jacket almost all the time. This dark teal color is amazing but it came is other colors also.

  2. You are so right to look on clearance racks. Great prices and a lot of all seasons buys. Most retail in south bursting at the seams due to unseasonal weather. Never bought from Chadwick’s but will check out on line. Blue color always looks great on you.

    • I always check out the sales racks first. You really do need to check out Chadwick’s of Boston. I have bought from them since I was in my twenties.

  3. Great outfit, especially the color choices! By the way , did you post yesterday..cause I didn’t see it.

    • No, I didn’t get to post yesterday. WordPress decided to not let me login but thankfully I have a friend who is a computer wiz and she got it up and going again.

  4. Stunning color, and love the look. New to your blog, so I am enjoying browsing through. I love shopping through sale and clearance racks. Versona is another store with great mark-downs! Happy New Year!

    • I am so happy you found my little blog, Mary. I love Versona also, but the nearest one to me is about 2 hours away. They are a sister store to Cato Fashions.

  5. Love that cardigan. I like keeping a cardigan at my office since I am always cold, even in the summer when the a/c is on! This would be a perfect one that would work all year long!!

    • That is a smart idea, Beth. I am always freezing at work and I have a heater under my desk. I may take a cardigan with me instead.

  6. What about the leggings you are wearing? I am 61 and not sure if I can wear leggings or if I would feel comfortable in them. But the ones you are wearing do not seem to fit as tight as some I’ve seen. Would like to know how and where to buy some that may fit a little bit looser. You always look great and I love that you style affordable outfits. Can’t remember for sure where you are located but do you by chance have snow this morning? In Ohio it is frigid temperature wise and snow on the ground. Wish I was in Hawaii!!

    • Martha, those are pixie pants from Old Navy. We did get a little snow but only about 3 inches. Hawaii sounds nice 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing the sale Tania. I got the Comfort Waist Bootcut Twill Pull-On Pants in the graphite color. I need a new pair of pants for my company’s big meeting coming up. These will be perfect.

  8. Oh how I love 💘this outfit, Tania! It reminds me of spring which is my favorite season. Especially after our blizzard yesterday and 11 degree weather! You rock everything you wear!!

  9. How do the sizes run at Chadwicks? Are they true to a misses size or more of a contemporary fit where you need to size up?.

  10. Ever since your post about running into the store so you don’t have to wear a bulky coat- that gave me the liberty to do the same thing!!!